Cheaper EB-5 Alternatives 2020

NB: 10 February 2020: Our Regional Center partners still have a limited number of $500,000 opportunities available – contact us now to secure yours before they’re all gone.


You’ve missed the cut-off for $500,000 EB-5 applications – now what?

For thousands of foreign investors interested in obtaining EB-5 residency in the USA, the 21 November 2019 deadline and the investment requirement increase to $900,000 came too soon.

So while you could have afforded to make a passive hotel investment of $500,000, you certainly can’t afford to throw the better part of $1 million at a second residency.

So is it time to give up on the American dream?

Not quite.

Whether you’d like to think of them as EB-5 program hacks or as legal alternatives to the EB-5 visa, there are at least 2 very interesting paths to gain longer term access to the USA – and they’re cheaper, simpler faster, and risk-reduced.

E2 Visas: The cheaper, faster alternative to the EB-5 Visa Program


Citizens of countries that have entered an E2 trade and navigation agreement with the United States are eligible to apply for the so-called E2 non-immigrant visa on the basis of a business investment in the USA.

While no minimum investment is prescribed on the E2 program, an investment of $200,000 is considered fairly typical – although you may be able to find a qualifying franchise opportunity for as little as $120,000.

As of November 2019, the following countries are eligible apply for E2 Visas: Albania, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Canada, Chile, Taiwan, Colombia, Congo, Costa Rica, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Egypt, Estonia, Ethiopia, Finland France, Georgia, Germany, Grenada, Honduras, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Kosovo, Latvia, Liberia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Mexico, Moldova, Mongolia, Montenegro, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Panama, Paraguay, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Senegal, Singapore, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Suriname, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Togo, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.

Don’t see your country in the above list?

Don’t despair.

The good news is that you can become E2 eligible by obtaining citizenship by investment in a number of countries enjoying an E2 treaty agreement with the USA – and in many cases, the combined cost of obtaining second citizenship and making a qualifying E2 business investment can still come in at less than $500,000, which is what the EB-5 used to cost.

Obtaining a second passport by investment (or donation) in any of these countries will make you eligible to apply for a long-stay non-immigrant visa, while also enabling your spouse and dependent children to reside in the USA.

The initial E2 visa is issued for a period of 5 years, and can be renewed in 2-year increments, providing that the visa conditions are continually met.

Which E2 treaty countries have passport by investment programmes?

Grenadian, Moldovan, Montenegrin and Turkish citizenship all qualify you for applying for a US E2 Visa. Compare the various CIP programmes in terms of investment requirement, processing time and passport power below:

E2 Visa
GRENADAFrom $220,000 in property for 5 years4 – 6 months to approval143 countries, including 6-month visa-free access to UKYESNone.
MOLDOVADonation € 100,000 per individual, €145,000 per family of 4.3 months to citizenship and passport101 countries visa free, or visa upon arrivalYESNone.
MONTENEGRO€250,000 in real estate for 5 years, €100,000 donation3 months to citizenship and passport122 countries visa free, or visa upon arrivalYESYes, 5 days per 5 calendar years.
TURKEY$250,000 in property for 3 years
Fast-track applications approved in 2 months86 countries visa free, or visa upon arrivalYESNone.

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