Top Citizenship & Residency Programs For 2021


Looking to obtain second citizenship or investment residency abroad as a Plan B? Discover the best Citizenship and Residency by Investment Programs for 2021, or contact us now for a free consultation.

1. TURKEY Citizenship By Investment (CIP) Program? (Y)

The investment requirement for the Turkish CBI Program in 2023 is set at $400,000, and it is one of world’s most popular second citizenship programs. The investment property can be sold after a period of 5 years, and the investor’s spouse and dependent children under 18 being eligible to apply for Turkish citizenship as well. Dual citizenship is recognised, and you are not required to declare your assets or income in other countries.
The programme has surprised many industry insiders, having issued over 10,000 Turkish Citizenships to third country nationals since launch.

Citizenship By Investment Program? (N)

The Portuguese Golden Visa Programis essentially a long stay, initially temporary visa that is renewable for up to five years, after which the holder can become eligible to apply for permanent residency and eventual citizenship. While the programme launched with a €500,000 minimum property investment requirement, a number of lower threshold options were introduced subsequently.

Third country, non-EU investors now also have the option to invest either €200,000 in artistic heritage or cultural production projects in lower density areas, or to purchase shares in a hotel development in a low density area from only €280,000. During 2019, a Highly Qualified Activity (HQA Visa) was also introduced, with contributions from only €175,000 inclusive of professional service fees.

Citizenship By Investment Program? (N)

The Netherlands Investor Visa Programme, also referred to as the Netherlands Golden Visa, is a relatively unknown EU residency programme with a minimum capital investment requirement of €1,250,000. It is important to note that this programme does not allow for property based investments; instead, a capital investment must be made into a Dutch company or Netherlands based commercial enterprise. Alternatively, non-EU investors can also contribute to a Dutch seed fund which invests in suitably vetted Dutch start-ups.

The investment must meet the key requirement of being valuable to the Netherlands’ economy, and should create at least 10 full time positions over a period of 5 years. The underlying investment must be maintained for the full duration of investor residency.

In addition to serving as a pathway to EU residency, the Netherlands also offers significant tax incentives to foreign investors and start-up companies wishing to establish themselves in Holland. Get in touch to find out more.

Citizenship By Investment Program? (N)


The Greek Golden Visa Program’s rise in the CBI space has been meteoric, with the programme proving very popular among Chinese investors, in particular. A key benefit of the Greek programme is the fact that both commercial and residential properties can be purchased, or a combination of the two, as long as the total investment totals €250,000 or more. Inclusive of professional service fees, the total initial cost associated with obtaining a Greek Golden Visa comes to approximately €300,000, making it one of the EU’s most affordable Golden Visa Programmes. And given the recent property boom experienced in the country, an investment in Greek property may well make decent financial sense too.

Citizenship By Investment Program? (N)

For non-EU investors looking for a fast and easy road to EU Citizenship, the Cyprus Citizenship By Investment Program used to be a highly attractive solution. The program was shuttered in 2020 amid allegations of wrongdoing.

Citizenship By Investment Program? (N)


The Spanish Golden Visa Program, as with the Portuguese program, has increasingly been under criticism from more nationalistic leaning political forces in these countries.

While the programs offer many similar features, the Spanish investor program requires a minimum investment of €500,000 or more, whereas the Portuguese program makes provision for property investments from only €280,000 in lower density areas.

Your spouse and dependent family members can be included in this residency application, making it an excellent Plan B destination. Yet for these seeking to settle abroad and optimise their worldwide taxation obligations, there are a number of more tax friendly alternatives to consider.



7. USA
Citizenship By Investment Program? (N)

The US EB5 Program, also referred to as the US Investment Green Card or American Dream Visa, is one of the most popular visa investment programs in the world. The program is credited with creating in excess of 85,000 full time jobs for American workers, and by the end of 2019 would have raised more than US$ 5 billion.

The number of EB5 visas issued per annum is capped at 10,000, with application regression already applicable to countries such as India, China and Vietnam.

With employment levels in the USA currently being relatively high, the minimum investment requirement for obtaining and EB5 investor visa has been raised to $800,000 for passive Targeted Economic Area (TEA) investments, and $1,050,000 for Direct EB5 Investments.

In the latter case, it is expected that the company will have created 10 full time positions within 2 years. The latter criteria must be met before an EB5 residency permit will be granted.

Citizenship By Investment Program? (Y)


The Maltese CIP Program, formally known as the Malta Individual Investor Program (and referred to as the MIIP or Malta IIP) is one of the most acclaimed programs of its kind. Established in 2014, the program offers applicants the ability to acquire EU citizenship in one of the most stable EU economies.

The application procedure is formally managed by Identity Malta, a government agency. The program’s investment requirement for a single applicant is threefold:
1. A contribution to Malta’s national economic development fund (€650,000)
2. The purchase of Maltese stocks or bonds (€150,000)
3. The acquisition of a property in Malta (€350,000) in high density areas.

For a married couple, the donation requirement goes up to €675,000. The investment component must be maintained for a period of 5 years or more.

Citizenship By Investment Program? (N)

Germany does not have a formal investor visa program or Golden Visa program per se. Instead, non-EU investors can gain German residency through the application of German immigration laws related to self-sufficiency and/or employment and by taking up en eligible form of economic activity.

Golden Visas SA and our associates can give you access to a regionalised investment avenue that ticks all the relevant boxes. In the main, you’ll be required to buy an investment property to the value of €250,000 or more off-plan, while also making an entrepreneurial investment into a German regional development fund.

Given that Germany is one of the top global economies situated in the heart of Western Europe, this program offers excellent value for money. Contact us to find out more.

Citizenship By Investment Program? (N)


Italy’s version of the Golden Visa is an Investor Visa Residency Program available to non-EU investors. The program enables applicants and their families to acquire in Italy for an initial period of 2 years, after which the visa can be renewed for an additional 3 years. After 5 years, the visa is valid indefinitely.

In order to obtain the Italy Investor Visa, you’ll need to choose one of the following investment pathways:

1. Make an investment of €500,000 or more in an innovative Italian startup
2. Invest €1 million in a philanthropic initiative to the benefit of Italian citizens
3. Invest €1 million in an Italian Limited Liability Company (LLC).
4. Invest €2 million in Italian governmental bonds.

Processing can be done in approximately 30 days, and there is no need to make the investment before your official government approval or rejection is received; a declaration of your commitment on the use of funds is typically sufficient when applying.

Citizenship By Investment Program? (Y)

Approved by the Egyptian parliament in 2018, the Egypt Citizenship By Investment Program (Egypt CIP) will enable third country investors to obtain Egyptian citizenship by making a deposit of $420,000 or more with any of the country’s state owned banks. Recent legislative changes now also enable foreign investors to obtain Egyptian citizenship directly – without the need to have held residency status for a period of 5 years or longer.

As of February 2021 this program is not yet accepting applications, yet its formal launch is imminent.


12. Kazakhstan
Citizenship By Investment Program? (N)


As of July 2019, the Kazakhstan Residency By Investment Program has not yet been launched. According to reports by leading publications in the investment migration space, the program, once launched, will help drive foreign investment into Kazakhstan with a view to position the country as one of the worlds top 30 most developed nations by 2050.

Kazakhstan’s emigration and tax regime shows strong correlations with that of Dubai, which also offers free trade zones. The investment requirement has not been confirmed yet, however it is understood that it will likely be between $100,000 and $200,000. Economic residents would instantly enjoy the rights associated with permanent residency, including access to health insurance services, retirement benefits and social security.

The tax regime in Kazakhstan is expected to be a key draw card of the program: According to the tax regulations associated with the Astana International Financial Center (AIFC), foreign investors with Kazakhstan residency would only be taxed on their local income; not on their worldwide income. Yet with the tax rate in the AIFC being 0%, foreign investors could take up permanent residency, start a business and pay no taxes whatsoever.

Citizenship donations from $100,000. Fees from $25,000. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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