Cork Tree Residences Luxury Retirement Village, Comporta, Portugal: New Off-Plan Golden Visa Property Development Review2020-09-26T07:03:54+00:00

Cork Tree Residences Luxury Retirement Village, Comporta, Portugal

New Golden Visa Property Development Reviews 2020: Lisbon, Estoril, Porto, Comporta

Looking to invest in the ultimate luxury retirement estate and obtain a Portugal Golden Visa in the process? Situated in sublime Comporta, Portugal, just 1 hour from Lisbon, the Cork Tree Residences set at new standard for top-end luxury retirement villages in Portugal, but also across Europe. Offering sophisticated independent and assisted living, Cork Tree is set to become the top luxury retirement village for over 55 year olds in Southern Europe.

Find out more about this exclusive new Golden Visa development below, or contact us now to request the full investor prospectus.

Why choose Portugal as a luxury retirement destination

Portugal is the third-safest country in the world. Boasting world class beaches, sumptuous cuisine and sunshine all year round, Portugal has long been sought after as an international travel, second home and retirement destination. As one of the cheapest countries in Europe to retire in, Portugal offers retirees the ability to enjoy an exceptional quality of life for significantly less than most other countries in continental Europe. As a generation of affluent investors are reaching retirement age, a group of astute Portuguese property developers have identified a bourgeoning international demand for top-end retirement properties, and luxury retirement villages with assisted living capabilities, in particular.

Why invest in luxury property in Comporta

Situated only 1 hour outside of Lisbon, Comporta is one of the most exclusive coastal destinations in Portugal. Offering unspoilt coastal splendor and a discrete community of well-heeled “swallows”, Comporta is synonymous with fine living in one of Portugal’s best-kept secret locations.

The town offers a low-key, understated level of sophistication that really resonates with discerning investors. It is the Portuguese go-to destination for the rich and famous from across the world, with the likes of Madonna, Christophe Sauvat, Christian Louboutin, Carla Bruni, Andrea Casiraghi and Nicolas Sarkozy spend their summers in this coastal locale. Properties in the areas tend to be exclusive, spacious one-off creations by the world’s top architectural talent, and the location is rightfully known as the Saint-Tropez of Portugal.

Comporta is skirted by the Sado River Nature Reserve, the Troia Peninsula and the vast Atlantic Ocean. The greater Comporta territory was acquired by the Espirito Santos, a dynastic family of bankers, in 1955. The area was expropriated during the Carnation Revolution of 1975, with the family eventually returning in 1991 to recover and develop the land. Conservation of the past became a key theme, as the Roman ruins from Europe’s first saltworks and the unblemished natural environment bear testimony to.

Comparta is undoubtedly one of Portugal’s investment destinations with the highest potential future growth, in addition to offering an unrivalled Mediterranean lifestyle.

Characterised by endless stretches of pristine beach, protected natural areas, rice paddies and quaint wooden cottages, Comporta is the embodiment of the slow life done right

With a permanent population of around only 4,000, Comporta is a place of hidden gems. Amble your way through boutique ceramic, linen and esparto shops, or graze your way through the bohemian gastronomic establishments for which the areas has become world famous.

Given its appeal as an inspiring natural canvas, it is no surprise that the world’s top architects and interior designers vie for projects in Comporta. Some of the most publicized designer properties in Comporta include Casas Na Areia, Casa do Pego, Villa L66, 3 Bicas Villa, Sublime Comporta, Cabanas no Rio and Casa da Comporta, to name but a few.

Additional recommended restaurant options in the area include Sal and the Cavalariça Restaurant, both of which offer some of the most sumptuous signature dishes in Comporta.

Why choose the Cork Tree Residences Comporta

Situated on 30 hectares of pristine coastal property in ultra-exclusive Comporta, the Cork Tree Residences is setting new standards for luxury retirement villages in Portugal and the greater European Union. The project is breaking ground in October 2020, with the resort’s official launch slated for November 2022.

A key feature of the development is the fact that it will be completely “off the grid”; the supply chain independent provision of food, water and energy will make this luxury retirement village exceptionally safe and resilient in the face of future crises related to climate change and viral threats such as the current Coronavirus pandemic. Energy will be generated locally, and a state of the art growing facility will ensure residents enjoy guaranteed access to a wide range of fresh produce all year round.

Cork Tree Residences is more than just a luxury development; its considered approach to careful community fostering sets it in a class of its own. Comprising only 40 top-end, purpose built and fully detached 135m2 2-bedroom villas, Cork Tree Residences sets the benchmark for luxury retirement villages in Europe. Investors have a choice of 4 different architectural styles designed to seamlessly blend into the natural splendor of Comporta.

In addition to facilitating luxury coastal living during your early retirement years, the retirement village also boasts a 2,400m2 services centre designed to support your needs as you get older. The development takes a full lifetime approach, supporting independent living, assisted living, as well as a full-care nursing home facility in the event that you should require this in later life.

Specialised care for residents with memory impairment dementia, and Alzheimer’s is fully catered for, meaning that Cork Tree Residences can be your final home for life.

Inclusive services offered at the retirement village

Cork Tree Residences’ mission statement is very simple: to be the best luxury retirement village in Europe as of 2022 and beyond. Some of the standard operational services offered to residents inside of the scope of their residency fees include:

24/7 CARETAKER SUPPORT: With a ratio of 1 professional carer to every 3 residents, your needs are catered for continually. 

24/7 RECEPTION: Our staff are proficient in English and Portuguese, and will be on standby to assist you round the clock.

LAUNDRY & HOUSEKEEPING:  Your villa, including its windows, are cleaned on a weekly basis, and bed and bathroom linen is changed twice a week.

MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS: All exteriors and interiors of common areas, including your private garden, is tended to by our professional maintenance team. 

CATERING & CUISINE: Enjoy typical Portuguese and Mediterranean cuisine, prepared using only the freshest organic ingredients, all year round. Four meals, being Breakfast, Lunch, High Tea and Dinner, is served daily, and provision can be made for the specific dietary needs of vegans, vegetarians or those with a gluten or lactose intolerance. You can opt for the seated restaurant service, or to have your meals delivered to your villa.

DRINKS INCLUDED WITH MEANLS: All soft drinks, juices, coffee, tea, beer and wine served with meals are complimentary.

GUEST VISITATION ALLOWANCES: Your friends and family members can come spend the day at any time, and for 8 weeks per year, 2 family members or friends can stay in your villa free of charge.

OFF THE GRID FOOD SUPPLY: Organic produce is grown within the retirement estate in a state of the art growing facility, ensuring high quality fruit and vegetables are available all year round – without any reliance on external suppliers.

 GYM ACCESS & FITNESS CLASSES: Work out in our state of the art gym facilities, and stay in shape with 3 fitness classes, 3 swimming pool classes and one physiotherapy session per week.

UTILITIES INCLUDED: Electricity, heating, water, air conditioning and waste disposal are all offered as inclusive services to residents.

BUILDING & LIABILITY INSURANCE COVER: Comprehensive building and liability insurance cover gives you added peace of mind about your investment.

CABLE TV & FIBER INTERNET ACCESS: On-demand cable entertainment and high-speed internet are also covered by your residence fees, keeping you connected with your world. 

MEDICAL CHECK-UPS & 24/7 DOCTOR ON STAND-BY: Receive a full complimentary medical check-up upon arrival, and every 6 months thereafter.

24/7 RESIDENT NURSING: Round the clock nursing staff are standing by to assist you as and when needed.

 OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST: Residents enjoy free access to the services of an occupational therapist, should the need arise

 WEEKLY ENRICHMENT COURSES: Cork Tree Residences offer its inhabitants complimentary access to a broad selection of enrichment courses and activities, from physical exercise forms to language, computing and creative courses designed to keep the brain stimulated and active during the retirement period.

 PERSONAL EMERGENCY SYSTEMS: A personal alarm buzzer is installed next to the bed and in the bathrooms.

 24/7 SECURITY: Round the clock CCTV monitoring, an intercom services, intruder and smoke alarms as well as security personnel on standby ensure that residents enjoy unparalleled safety in a luxurious environment.

PERSONAL ASSISTANCE: Should you become frail as you get older, our personal assistants can assist you with bathing, washing and dressing, ensuring optimum dignity is maintained by all our residents as they grow older.

ON-SITE SOCIAL EVENTS: Fostering community is a central principle at Cork Tree Residences. The retirement village offers a range of social events designed to help residents foster meaningful social connections.

CONCIERGE SERVICES: Our dedicated concierge desk can assist you with travel bookings, trips to Lisbon and Porto, transfers, and similar arrangements.

 Key shared facilities: Central Services Centre

  • Reception area

  • Restaurant with seated service and terrace area

  • Bistro/bar with outdoor terrace

  • Bistro/bar in the greenhouse with outdoor space

  • Medical office

  • Nursing office

  • Supporting bedrooms for clients needing more intensive nursing care with private bathrooms

  • Multilingual library

  • State of the art gym facilities

  • Yoga and Pilates studio

  • Indoor heated swimming and relaxation area

  • Jacuzzi and Sauna

  • Turkish bath and Massage room

  • Meeting room facilities

  • Art and craft studio space

  • Mini Supermarket

  • Hairdresser

  • Beauty salon.


  • Tennis courts

  • Horse stables

  • Croquet pitch

  • External heated swimming pool

  • Non-denominational chapel

  • Pristine Manicured gardens

  • Jogging track and outdoor exercise machines

  • Several rest areas within the village with benches and shade structures

  • Country lanes perfect for walking or cycling

  • A 650sqm greenhouse for the cultivation of organic vegetables

  • Dog and cat kennels

  • Covered and Garage parking

  • Renewable energy Power Station

  • 2 industrial generators as back-up for solar

  • Boreholes for off-grid water supply.


Retirement villa pricing and monthly residency fees

Looking to retire in Portugal? Especially for US citizens seeking to escape the decaying social fabric and increasingly troubling political situation in America, Cork Tree Comporta can serve as the ultimate second home or retirement sanctuary.

Cork Tree Retirement Villas are priced at €510.000,00. Each purpose designed unit is an ultra-luxurious 2-bedroom, fully detached and unfurnished villa with 135sqm of internal space situated  on a 510sqm erf. Each villa features two en-suite bathrooms, a living room and fully equipped kitchen of at least 50sqm. Additional storage rooms, two private covered terraces and a private garden of your choice, subject to availability, complete the picture for a dream retirement home on the Portuguese coast.

The villa is yours to sell or leave in your will, and the developer offers a guaranteed buy-back clause to buy your villa at the price you paid for it.


Residency fees are €3,000,00 per person per month for double occupancy – either a couple or two friends, or €4,000,00 per month for single occupancy for the services described above.

Only 31 units left. Secure your retirement villa today for only €510,000. Contact us now.

    How much are the monthly residency fees at Cork Tree Comporta?2020-06-15T06:56:20+00:00

    The monthly inclusive service fee at Cork Tree Comporta is €3,000,00 per person for double occupancy, either as a couple or two friends, and €4,000,00 per month for single occupancy usage. Contact us now for more information.

    Is Cork Tree Comporta an off-the-grid development?2020-06-14T14:24:16+00:00

    The Cork Tree Residences Luxury Retirement Village in Comporta offers residents state of the art living off the grid. Electricity, heating, food production and water sourcing all happens off the grid. Combined with best in class security, nursing and elderly care services, this is one of the most secure developments of its kind, offering residents a climate change proof location for a peaceful and meaningful luxury retirement in Portugal.

    How old do I have to be to invest at Cork Tree Comporta?2020-06-14T14:17:24+00:00

    In order to invest at the Cork Tree Residences Luxury Retirement Village in Comporta, you have to be a minimum age of 55 years old.

    Click here for more information, and contact us now to secure your retirement villa today.

    Where is Cork Tree Residences situated?2020-06-14T14:15:14+00:00

    Situated on a 30 hectare private estate outside Comporta, the Cork Tree Residences is setting new standards for luxury retirement living in Portugal. Widely known as the Hamptons of Europe, Comporta is a civil parish and village situated in the municipality of Alcacer in the district of Setubal. Lisbon is only 60 minutes’ drive away, with the Algarve situated only 1 and a half hours from Comporta.

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