Step 1: Compile and submit your application, indicating your intended investment preference. No capital needs to be committed at this stage.

Step 2: Application consideration by the Evaluation Committee.

Step 3: Receive in-principle approval and make the eligible investment.

Step 4: Provide proof of having made your investment, and have your application processed, and residency status granted.

All Irish residency by investment applications are appraised by the Ireland Immigrant Investor Program’s Evaluation Committee, with an ultimate decision being made by the Ministry for Justice and Equality.

The approval criteria include the applicant’s personal and financial profile, the viability of the proposed commercial investment or projects, as well as the probability of successful job creation, if relevant. The project’s overall positive impact on the Irish economy is generally a key consideration.

Once your pre-approval letter has been obtained, you must make the required investment within 90 days or less.