As of March 2020, foreign investors have the following investment options for obtaining a Portuguese Golden Visa:

1) Create 10 full time jobs through a substantial investment 2) Invest €500,000+ in real estate anywhere in Portugal, including in popular cities like Porto & Lisbon, or €400,000+ in less densely populated rural areas 3) Invest €350,000+ in a government approved real estate rehabilitation project, or €280,000 if the property is situated in a low density area 4) Make a capital transfer of €1 million or more to a Portuguese national bank 5) Invest €250,000+ in aid of growing Portuguese arts and culture, or maintaining the country’s national heritage. 6) Invest €500,000 or more into a green, carbon neutrality or renewables project 7) Invest €175,000 in a Research & Development project under the Portugal Highly Qualified Activity visa program 8) Acquire shares worth €350,000+ in a Portuguese investment fund 9) Invest €350,000+ as venture capital 10) A capitalisation of €350,000 in a Portuguese company or companies aged at least 5 years, with 60% of the total investment to be realized in Portuguese enterprises.