Are there any gay friendly citizenship by investment programs?

This is a topic of much contention, especially in light of the fact that most of the Caribbean nations offering Citizenship By Investment Programs are traditionally notoriously homophobic. In Montenegro, however, Parliament recently voted in favour of recognising gay and lesbian civil unions, paving the way towards a more just and equal society, and positioning [...]

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Why do Citizenship and Residency By Investment programs occasionally receive negative news coverage?

While foreign direct investments generated by CBI and RBI Program are generally responsible for social upliftment and benefit to citizens of the host countries, they are not universally popular. In popular Golden Visa destinations such as Lisbon and Porto in Portugal and Barcelona in Spain, these programs alongside the rise of short-term letting platforms such [...]

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Can I lose my Second Residency or Citizenship by Investment status?

Generally speaking, you would need to commit a crime or an act that seriously compromises your international standing to lose your second citizenship. Alternatively, you could ostensibly lose your investment citizenship (or residency) status if you were to be involved in some form of fraud or gross misrepresentation during your citizenship application.

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What are the potential pitfalls to be aware of when getting second residency or citizenship?

There are many potential pitfalls to be aware of when investing in a second residency or citizenship program, however an experienced residency or citizenship planning advisor can help you navigate this landscape with ease. Some of the obvious potential risks include that your investment may not appreciate over time. Alternatively, you many end up paying [...]

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Should I choose to get citizenship by investment or donation?

The answer to this question will depend almost entirely on your personal circumstances. Are you looking for speed, affordability or return on investment? If the former, a donation based citizenship may be worth considering, however if you would like your investment to deliver a return on investment and potential capital appreciation, a program offering citizenship [...]

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Which Countries Offer Golden Visas In 2020?

In strict terms, Golden Visa Programs are government endorsed and promoted residency schemes featuring a minimum property investment as a requirement for attaining residency. As such, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Cyprus, Greece and Malta count among the most prominent true Golden Visa jurisdictions. Yet the Italian Investment Residency is widely referred to as the Italian Golden [...]

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Which Countries Offer Residency By Investment Programs in 2020?

While the following list is not exhaustive, the following countries offer well established residency by investment programs (also referred to as Golden Visas): Italy, Spain, Portugal, Malta, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Greece, Turkey, Mauritius, Uruguay, Panama, Peru, Hungary, Ireland, Georgia, Guernsey, the Isle of Man, Monaco, the UK, Ukraine, Antigua and Barbuda, Thailand, Brazil, Canada, Costa [...]

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What are my investment options to gain second citizenship?

While you could ostensibly gain citizenship in another country through regular naturalisation, e.g. by marrying a citizen of that country and settling there or gaining employment as the basis for your residency, both potentially leading to eventual citizenship, investing for citizenship is typically a lot faster and less onerous. With most of the world’s leading [...]

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What is the difference between Golden Visas and Residency By Investment Programs?

While there is some measure of overlap between Golden Visa Programs and investment residency programs, the terms again tend to get used interchangeably. A key difference is the fact that Golden Visa programs frequently (if not exclusively) require an eligible property investment, whereas residency by investment programs tend to be more focused on encouraging business [...]

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