How long is the D7 residency permit valid for?

The D7 residency visa has historically been issued with an initial 1-year validity, after which it became renewable in 2 year increments. Recently however, it has been issued for an initial period of 2 years as well. On this basis, the minimum cash amount required would typically double also, however it is advisable to check [...]

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How long is the D7 visa valid for?

The D7 Visa is an entry visa allowing you to relocate to Portugal. It is valid for a period of 4 months, within which you’ll have to apply for your D7 residence permit. The D7 visa is applied for at the Portuguese consulate or embassy in your home country, whereas the residency permit application is [...]

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Who can apply for the Portuguese D7 Visa program?

While the D7 program is typically very popular among retirees from outside the European Economic Area (EEA), the program is open to people of all ages over 18 years – provided that you can meet the economic self-sufficiency requirement, either through stable passive income, adequate savings, or through a combination of the two. As of [...]

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What are the D7 Visa passive income requirements?

In order to qualify, you must earn a passive income of least €635 per month as a single applicant (€7,620+ per year). For married couples, the minimum amount goes up by 50% (an additional €3,810), so the minimum requirement per couple is €11,430 per year). You can find out more about the D7 program's minimum [...]

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What is the Portugal D7 Visa Program?

The D7 Visa (Visto D7) is a settlement visa program aimed at passive income earners seeking to relocate to Portugal. The program requires you to have a stable, passively derived income from sources such as pension, rental income (from movable or immovable assets), as well as fixed-rate investment earnings. Find out more about the program [...]

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