Flats In Manchester For Sale 2020: Ultimate Guide

Discover the finest UK property investment opportunities available in 2020. Working with a highly respected Manchester based property consulting firm, we’re proud to offer you a selection of superb Manchester apartment developments below.

Given the currently weakened British Pound, stock is flying, so reach out to us now to enquire about available units and for expert advice on your best options in Manchester.

  • Earn up to 9.6% net per annum

  • Generate reliable passive income in Pound Sterling.

  • Enjoy capital growth of 4.5% – 5% per year, every year.

  • Diversify your portfolio and hedge against your local currency.



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    Why invest in UK property today

    1. TOP EUROPEAN PROPERTY INVESTMENT DESTINATION: London and Manchester hold the top 2 European positions in Schroders Global Cities Index 2020, with London holding the Top 2 position globally.

    1. STABLE PROPERTY INVESTMENT MARKET: Unlike in many other European cities, the UK’s regional cities record stable and predictable year on year growth – between 4% and 5% per annum in cities such as Manchester. With supply being actively managed by the UK government, demand consistently outstrips supply, leading to more predictable growth.

    1. POSITIVE GROWTH PREDICTIONS ACROSS THE UK: According to Savills’ latest market growth forecasts, the entire UK is to experience dynamic growth over the next five years. Most of the action will be happening beyond London, where property prices have sky-rocketed in recent years.

      With a new generation of upwardly mobile professionals flocking to regional cities like Manchester, the North West is expected to see property appreciate by 24.1% in the next 5 years. Other cities that are currently flourishing include Birmingham and Leeds, both which are benefitting from new investment as yields in London are steadily dwindling. 

    2. AGGRESSIVE INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTMENT: For a city’s property market to achieve dynamic results, 3 key ingredients are vital: Infrastructure Investments, Employment Opportunities and Talent. Bourgeoning regional hotspots such as Manchester and regions such as the Midlands, Wales and Northern England feature a good mix of these factors, making them ideal from a real estate investment perspective.

    HS2 is a £106 billion high-speed rail development that will connect eight major cities, including Manchester, across the Midlands, the North and London. This new high-speed rail connection will reduce the commute between Manchester and London from a 4 and half hour drive to a 60-minute rail journey, making it possible for professionals to reach core regional hubs with ease.

    1. UNDER-SUPPLY DRIVES DEMAND: As of July 2020, the UK buy-to-let (BTL) market is worth over approximately £1 trillion. Research indicates that renters will outnumber owners by 2039, representing a whopping 125 million households, for a sense of scale. Combined with Brexit related uncertainty and a softening of the pound against the dollar, the shrewd investor can bargain-hunt and benefit from growing demand and appreciating returns for decades to come – provided that the investment is made in a high-growth node. 

    1. LOWER UNEMPLOYMENT = HIGHER RENTAL DEMAND: With infrastructure enhancements, regional rejuvenation and inbound investment comes more employment opportunities. The UK employment rate hit an all-time record of 76.5% in 2019, providing a welcome thrust to demand for rental properties.

    1. TOP FDI DESTINATION: During 2016, despite the uncertainties stemming from Brexit, the UK recorded a record jump in the net inflow of foreign direct investments, from £25.3billion to a mammoth £145.6 billion year-on-year, bearing testimony to the UK’s perennial appeal among foreign investors.

    1. TOP EDUCATIONAL DESTINATION: The UK is consistently ranked as one of the top tertiary destinations in the world, resulting in a stable and massive demand for student accommodation. Boasting 5 universities, Manchester has a student population in excess of 110,000, all whom require lodgings near these campuses.

      In addition, an estimated 65%+ of students remain in Manchester upon graduation, create a massive talent pool of highly skilled professionals, for the information, financial and technology sectors, in particular. These are upwardly mobile professionals – excellent and reliable potential rental tenants.

    Why invest in Manchester property in 2020

    1. BEST UK CITY TO LIVE IN (THE ECONOMIST, 2019): Manchester is a highly cosmopolitan city, offering something for every taste. In 2019, Manchester was again voted as the Most Livable UK City in The Economist’s Global Livability Index, beating cities like London, Birmingham and Leeds to the top spot. 

    1. EXCELLENT VALUE: Given that property in Manchester is up to 40% cheaper than in London, more investors looking for superior returns are flocking to this fast-growing regional city in 2020.

    1. THE UK TECHNOLOGY HUB: Manchester outperforms all major UK cities across fields ranging from data, artificial intelligence, cyber technology and eCommerce to IoT, medical technology and service design.

    1. REGIONAL EDUCATION LEADER: Boasting 5 prominent universities and numerous acclaimed colleges and business schools, around 20% of Manchester’s population are students. This makes the city an excellent location for investing in flats, apartments and other types of student accommodation. 

    2. TOP UK DESTINATION FOR PROPERTY INVESTMENT: With the UK’s North West predicted to see a 24.1% appreciation in property value over the next 5 years, Manchester looks set to remain its status as one of the UK’s top property investment destinations, both in terms of capital appreciation and superior returns.

    As an example, we are currently marketing a city center development in Manchester where investors can expect net yields of up to 9.6% on their capital investment, were they opt for an interest only mortgage. 

    1. EXCELLENT AIR CONNECTIVITY: Each year, over 27 million passengers fly to over 210 global cities from Manchester International Airport, including key business destinations such as San Francisco, Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong.

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