Golden Visa Referral Program 2020


Golden Visas SA is pleased to announce that our Golden Visa Referral Program is now accepting applications from high quality referrers. Make up to R10,000 per sale (USD 670) per sale with one of the most exciting new affiliate programs to launch in 2020. Find out more here, or contact us to apply.

Who is the Golden Visa Affiliate Programme for?


Golden Visas is looking to enter referral relationships with suitably qualified individuals and companies dealing with high net worth and ultra high net worth individuals and families.

Golden visas and citizenship by investment products are typically only considered by wealthy individuals and families, and these products are typically not well suited to individuals wishing to apply for second residency on the basis of education and work experience (points-based immigration programmes).

The program may appeal to those with existing client bases in the certified financial planning, family office, philanthropic and wealth management industries. This is definitely NOT a program for new bloggers, lifestyle influencers, etc.

Why choose our second residency referral program?

This is one of the top paying new affiliate programs in the world, launching in 2020.

  • Derive more value from your client relationships: Earn attractive finder’s fees by introducing your existing clients. When any of them obtain residency or citizenship by investment through us or our associates, we’ll pay you a generous finder’s fee.

  • Attractive finder’s fees: Refer prospects to us and earn up to R10,000 per sale (USD 670) when they obtain a second residency or passport by investment.

  • Create secondary income as a specialist publisher: If you’re running a specialist publication or newsletter series targeting high net worth individuals, this program can help you unlock significant additional value from your existing audience.

  • No pre-sales involvement required: All you have to do is introduce us – our experts take care of the entire sales, application and compliance process.

  • Volume-tiered earnings structure: The programme’s remuneration structure is tiered, so the more volume you do, the better your earnings will be. 

    How long is the typical sales cycle?

    Even for the affluent, the decision to obtain second residency or citizenship is not lightly made. The typical sale cycle, from introduction to mandate signature, can ranger from 12 to 18 months or even longer – although snap investment decisions have been known to happen.

Contact us to start building your passive income stream today.

Simply send us a brief description of your position, the nature of your client based and an overview of how you will be generating program referrals.