Grenada Passport By Investment 2020

Grenada Citizenship Program – The Definitive Guide

Looking to obtain an excellent second passport fast, simply and affordably? Combined with the fact that it offers affordable access to the USA by means of E2 visa eligibility now that the EB-5 Visa investment requirement has increased, the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program is becoming the go-to option for South Africans seeking increased global mobility and a reliable Plan B offshore. Find out more about the Grenada Passport Program below, or contact us now for a free consultation.


PASSPORT POWER: Enjoy unrivalled global mobility. 142 countries, including UK, EU Schengen, China & UAE.

E-2 VISA ELIGIBILITY:  Apply for US residency under E-2 Programme from only $120,000.

FAST, EASY PROCESS: Applications typically approved within 4 to 6 months.

NO MINIMUM STAY REQUIREMENTS: Spend as much time – or as little – in Grenada as you choose to.

EXCEPTIONAL AFFORDABILITY: Invest only $220,000 in real estate, or make a donation of $200,000 for a family of 4.

FAMILY FRIENDLY: Additional family members can be included for an additional donation of $25,000 per person.



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Situated off the northern coast of Venezuela, Grenada is a sovereign nation comprising several islands in the south eastern Caribbean. Safely situated outside the so-called core hurricane belt, Grenada boasts stunning tropical scenery, world class beaches and a sun-drenched lifestyle.

The country has a population of 110,000 inhabitants, and the total surface of the archipelago is around 340 square kilometres. The Grenadian islands include Grenada Island, Carriacou, and Petite Martinique.

The capital of Grenada is St George’s, and the country’s currency is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar (EC$). Beyond the capital, Grenville and Victoria are some of the largest towns in Grenada. English is the official language, however Creole is also widely spoken.

St George’s is a deep water port, with anchorage and facilities on offer at the Lagoon, Prickly Bay and Secret Harbour.

The economy is based primarily on, the services sector, tourism and agriculture, with mace and nutmeg being two of the country’s core agricultural export products.

The country joined the British Commonwealth in 1974, and it is currently a constitutional monarchy under Queen Elizabeth II.


PASSPORT POWER: Enjoy unrivalled global mobility with a Grenadian passport – travel visa-free to 142 countries, including the UK, the EU Schengen countries, as well as China and the UAE.

E-2 VISA ELIGIBILITY: Grenadian passport holders are eligible to apply for US residency under the E-2 Visa Programme, with eligible investments starting from as little as $120,000.

FAST, EASY PROCESS: Standard applications are typically approved within 4 to 6 months of application, and you don’t need to visit Grenada to apply for your passport. 

NO MINIMUM STAY: With no minimum stay requirements, you are free to spend as much time – or as little – in Grenada as you choose, while still enjoying all the benefits that come with second citizenship.

 EXCEPTIONAL AFFORDABILITY: Invest as little as $350,000 in government approved real estate, or make a donation of $150,000 to the National Transformation Fund (NTF) per single applicant, and only $200,000 for a family of 4. Applicants choosing the donation based route are not required to pay government fees.

FAMILY FRIENDLY: Additional family members can be included under the primary applicant for an additional donation of $25,000 per person. Dependent children up to the age of 30 years are eligible for inclusion, and the main applicant or their spouse’s siblings can be included for an additional donation of $75,000.

POOL YOUR INVESTMENTS: Groups of 2 or more related applicants can obtain Grenadian citizenship on the basis of a government approved property investment, provided that each party invest a minimum of $220,000, exclusive of governmental and professional service fees. 


In order to apply for economic citizenship in Grenada, applicants must be older than 18 and in good health. In addition to the requirement to make a government donation or invest in property, the following requirements must be met:

  • Applicants are required to have a clean police record, and be of good international standing.

  • Children over 18 are required to be unmarried, younger than 30, and dependent on their parents, or living with their parents in instances of serious health issues.

Parents or grandparents of the primary applicant are eligible for inclusion in to the Grenadian citizenship application, provided that they’re over the age of 55, live with the applicant, or can prove that they are financially dependent on the applicant.


Month 1: During the first month, the applicant signs a client mandate agreement, governmental application fees are completed, and all material supporting documentation is collated and submitted. Initial due diligence and criminal clearance checks are conducted, and if the basis for the application is property investment based, an agreement is signed with a Grenadian property developer.

Months 2 – 3: The application is submitted, after which governmental vetting processes and due diligence is completed.

Months 4 – 6: On approval, the applicant pays the relevant governmental fees and the required contributions are made. After all these steps have been completed, passport issuance takes place.


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