Get your Plan B in place in 2020 – before the price goes up…

The world has become an uncertain place in 2020. Across the globe, business people and families are starting to realise the value of putting an offshore Plan B in place. Discover the world’s top investment immigration programs below, or contact us for a free consultation today.

  1. Anguilla Citizenship By Investment Program (2020)

  2. Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship By Investment Program (2020)

  3. Australian Significant Investor Program (2020)

  4. Austrian Financial Self-Sufficiency Residence Visa Program (2020)

  5. Austrian Startup Founders Residence Visa Program (2020)

  6. Belgian Residency By Investment Program (2020)

  7. Brazilian Golden Visa Program (2020)

  8. Bulgarian Citizenship By Investment Program (2020)

  9. Canadian Residency By Investment Program (Quebec Individual Investor Program, paused in 2020)

  10. Cypriot Residency by Investment Program (2020)

  11. Cypriot Citizenship by Investment Program (2020)

  12. Dutch Investor Visa Program (2020)

  13. Georgian Residency By Investment Program (2020)

  14. Greek Residency Permit for Investors (2020)

  15. Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program (2020)

  16. Hungarian Residency By Business Investment Program (2020)

  17. Irish Immigrant Investor Program (2020)

  18. Italian Investor Visa Program (2020)

  19. Kazakhstan Residency by Investment Program (2020)

  20. Latvian Residency by Investment Program (2020)

  21. Maltese Global Residence Program (2020)

  22. Maltese Residence and Visa Program (2020)

  23. Mauritius Citizenship By Investment Program (2020)

  24. Monaco Investor Residency Program (2020)

  25. Montenegrin Citizenship By Investment Program (2020)

  26. New Zealand Investor Visa Program (2020)

  27. Portuguese Golden Visa Program (2020)

  28. Singapore Global Investor Programme (2020)

  29. Spanish Golden Visa Program (2020)

  30. Thailand Elite Visa Program (2020)

  31. Turkish Citizenship By Investment Program (2020)

  32. UAE Residency By Investment Program (2020)

  33. United States EB-5 Green Card Program (2020)


Golden Visas works with families and business professionals across Africa and further afield. If you’re still in the research phase, now is not the time to call or contact us – we expect our clients to arrive with their homework done and their house in order.

But when you’re ready, don’t hesitate to contact us 24/7 – our consultants are seasoned experts and are standing by to help you gain a foothold offshore.