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Irish Diaspora Loan Fund (IDLF) 2020

The Ultimate Investor Guide to obtaining IDLF residency in Ireland

Looking to obtain Irish residency by investment under the Irish Immigrant Investor Program (IIIP)? Approved and regulated by the Central bank of Ireland, the Irish Diaspora Loan Fund (IDLF) serves as an investment vehicle that enables foreign, non-EEA investors to obtain Irish residency by means of investment in 2020. The IDLF is a low risk-risk, low-yield investment fund with a minimum, 5-year investment requirement of €1 million. Find out more about the fund and the advantages of Irish investment residency below, or contact us now for a free consultation.


What is the investment requirement for the Irish IDLF visa?2020-04-06T08:44:47+00:00

As of March 2020, a minimum IDLF fund investment of €1 million is required for a period of 5 years in order to apply for Irish residency under the Irish Immigrant Investor Program.

How does Ireland’s IDLF work2020-04-06T08:37:39+00:00

As a single example of how the fund works in practice, hotels enter a 5 year loan agreement with the fund, with the IDLF holding security over the hotel’s property asset until such time as the loan amount has been settled in full. At the end of this loan agreement, the hotel typically refinances at a (typically) higher rate with a traditional lender, and the IDLF loan amount is repaid with interest. In this way, the hotel can affordably fund expansions, thus creating more job opportunities and meeting the IIP’s objectives.

Who does the IDLF typically appeal to2020-04-06T08:07:04+00:00

The IDLF typically appeals to foreign investors applying for the IIP who seek a low-risk, highly regulated and reputable investment option. The Fund is structured as a Qualifying Investor Alternative Investment Fund (QIAIF).

IDLF applicants are typically families, with the primary applicant being an accomplished business professional who travels internationally quite frequently, while their spouse resides in-country. Their children are typically of a school going age, however in most cases investors’ objectives include their children attending an Irish university or tertiary institution in future, given that Ireland’s higher and tertiary learning institutions rank among the best in the world.

These children will be eligible for an application for naturalization and citizenship, without any language requirement. In addition, they’ll have access to a booming commercial environment and technology sector, with over 1,300 of the world’s biggest multinational companies being headquartered in Ireland. Some of these companies include Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and LinkedIn, to name but a few.

About the IDLF

The IDLF is a senior debt fund established for the purpose of giving foreign investors the ability to apply for Irish residency under the Irish Immigrant Investor Program. The Fund provides a range of Irish businesses, including the developers of hotels, low cost and social housing, as well as student accommodation with access to senior debt as per the Irish Government’s priorities for the Irish Investor Program (IIP).

Established in 2012, the IIP was established by the government of Ireland to encourage inbound investment supporting the creation of new businesses and employment opportunities. While IIP investments’ yield is typically quite low, the program offers residency to investors and business professionals with a proven record of success.

The IDLF was founded in 2014, and was the first fund of its kind to be approved by the Central Bank of Ireland and the Irish Department of Justice.

The IDFL is a mutualized, asset-backed investment fund offering, and provides foreign investors with a virtually unparalleled level of peace of mind about their investment.

Pricing-wise, it competes directly with the American EB-5 and the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program – with the added benefit that country is an EU member.

A key benefit of the gaining residency by investment via the IIP is that investors are only required to spend one day per year in Ireland to maintain their residency status.

While the IIP does not grant the investor permanent residency up front, investors receive a full Stamp 4 Visa, issue for an initial period of 2 years, then renewable after 3 year, and at 5 year intervals thereafter, even after the minimum investment period has passed and the investor’s funds have been returned. Renewals are subject to investors remaining financially stable and in good standing.

Moreover, the program offers investors a clear path to citizenship: In order to apply for Irish citizenship by investment, the applicant must have maintained legal residency status for 4 years prior to the date of their application, and must have been physically resident in Ireland for a minimum of 12 months prior to this date.

The IDLF can also assist investors with relocation, housing options, buying a business or investing in a business and more.

By December 2019, the monetary value of investments originating from the USA had jumped by over 300% year on year, a clear indication of the program’s popularity even among investors hailing from developed countries. Many applicants have cited the uncertain political climate in the USA as a key driver for their decision to seek second residency in Ireland.   

Since inception the IIP has also received over 1,000 applications from Chinese investors, with an approved investment value of over €700 million. The program has also recently garnered attention from scores of Hong Kong nationals seeking second residency on account of political stability issues in their native country.

By 2018, approximately 50% of all applicants were from Russia, however the IIP has proven to be very popular among high net worth Middle Eastern nationals as well. 

Why choose Ireland for investment residency

LOCATION: Strategically situated and boasting one of Europe’s most dynamic economies, Ireland is an excellent locale for businesses seeking to open a satellite office in Western Europe.

INCLUSIVITY: Ireland is globally renowned as one of the most inclusive and welcoming nations in the world. As a country comprised largely of immigrants, the Irish understand the challenges of moving of a new country. The Irish culture is truly convivial and welcoming to new residents.

OPPORTUNITY: Gaining stamp 4 for status enable residents to come and go as they please, attend Irish universities, and work for top corporations such as Apple, Intel, Paypal, Microsoft, Linkedin and Google – all companies headquartered in Ireland.

TECHNOLOGY: The countries universities rank highly internationally, and the country is at the forefront of research across sustainability, biotech, fintech and nano technologies.

WORKFORCE: The same benefits attracting multinationals appeal to foreign investors and their families. The country ranks well in terms of its ease of doing business, and an attractive taxation regime has seen scores of large multinational corporations establish their headquarters out of Dublin. The Irish workforce is highly educated, with labour priced relatively affordably, compared to many other countries in the EU.

HEALTHCARE: Ireland offers residents access to a sophisticated healthcare system. Obtaining a European Health Insurance Card can offer Irish residents medical cover for various expenses injuries and illnesses incurred while travelling in other EU countries.

The Irish IIP application process

All Irish residency by investment applications are appraised by the Ireland Immigrant Investor Program’s Evaluation Committee, with an ultimate decision being made by the Ministry for Justice and Equality.

The approval criteria include the applicant’s personal and financial profile, the viability of the proposed commercial investment or projects, as well as the probability of successful job creation, if relevant. The project’s overall positive impact on the Irish economy is generally a key consideration.

Once your pre-approval letter has been obtained, you must make the required investment within 90 days or less.

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