Italy Golden Visa Program 2021

NEW: Italy Elective Residence Visa Program – No Capital Investment Required.

The Italian Elective Residence Program enables non-EEA individuals with significant demonstrable passive income to obtain Italian residency without the need for any minimum investment. Find out more about the program requirements and how you can apply.

Looking to gain Italian residency by investment in 2021? Golden Visas gives you access to expert advice and the most affordable EU residency solutions available to non-EEA citizens. Find out more below:

Since March 2017, the Italian government has launched two new investment immigration programmes for third country nationals:

1) The Italy Investor Visa is essentially a residency by investment program not dissimilar to those of Portugal, Spain and Malta. A key difference, however, is that the Italian residence program requires an investment into a startup, business, or government bonds, rather than an investment in Italian real estate.

2) The second program is commonly referred to as the Italian Flat Tax / Substitute Tax Regime.

3) A third residency program, namely a pensioner visa program for international retirees, is presently being considered as well.

While these programs are still relatively unknown, it is expected that demand for the Italian Golden Visa programs will ramp up sharply in 2020 and beyond.

However, given the political climate in the EU and pressure from Brussels, many experts believe that Golden Residency programs may very soon be a thing of the past…

So if you’re serious about getting your European Plan B in place, NOW is the time to apply.

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Why Choose Italy

Italy is a visually spectacular country renowned for its cuisine, climate, architecture and cultural attractions. From an investment residency program perspective, Italy scores high in terms of affordability and the simplicity of its application process.

The program has already attracted scores of applicants from countries such as South Africa, China, Brazil, Russia, as well as from European investors from countries such as Britain, Germany, Norway and Sweden.

Italy’s Schengen membership status means that investment residents enjoy the ability to work and travel visa free across all of the EU Schengen member states, a fact that makes Italy highly attractive as a Plan B destination. Italy does not presently offer a residency by property investment option, but we will be monitoring the situation over time. High net worth individuals can, however, also consider the Italy Elective Visa residency program, which while discretionary, does not require any capital investment.

If you’d like to obtain second residency by means of property investment, the Spanish, Portuguese Golden Visa and Maltese programs may be well suited to your needs.

While Turkey is a relative newcomer to the investment migration space and presently not yet part of the EU, its property residency and citizenship products offer world-leading value.

And, should they be accepted into the EU, you would have acquired a high value passport for the fraction of the costs and investment associated with say a Maltese or Cypriot passport.

Italian Investment Residency: Key Benefits

  • The ability to travel throughout the EU, visa-free

  • A fast, simple application process – residency can be granted in as little as 12 months.

  • Excellent quality of life, world class education personal safety as well as attractive healthcare benefits.

  • An attractive taxation structure for Non Habitual Residents

  • Investment from as little as €250,000 to obtain Italian residency.

Visa Investment Options 2021

As of January 2021, applicants have the following investment pathways available:

1. ITALY INVESTOR VISA RESIDENCY PROGRAM: While the Investor Visa program is relatively new avenue for non-EU passport holders to establish a foothold in Italy, it is already garnering a lot of attention from international investors. The investment visa is valid for two years, with a 3 year renewal option, and becomes permanent after 5 years. The visa investment options include:

The processing time associated with getting the investment visa approved can be as little as 1 month. A declaration of commitment upon application is generally sufficient; no investment is required prior to receiving approval on your application, making this a fast, simple and low-risk option. 

2. TAX FREE PENSIONERS PROGRAM: Aimed at attracting foreign direct investment to lesser developed parts of Italy, the Retiree Visa Program offers residency in specific regions of Southern Italy, along with 0% taxation for Non-EU, EU and even Italian nationals for a maximum period of 10 years.

3. ITALIAN FLAT TAX PROGRAM: For High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) paying €100,000 or more in taxes per annum, the Italian flat-fee taxation structure could be highly compelling: By moving your tax residency to Italy, you’ll be able to pay an annual substitute tax of €100,000 flat, regardless of your total income earned outside of Italy. Your family members can be included under this ta residency programme for an additional €25,000 per person. Any income earned within Italy is progressively taxed in accordance with Italian law.

The Italian Flat Tax Residency Program is open to all nationalities for a period of 15 years. The government also accepts applications to this program from Italian nationals returning to Italy after maintaining fiscal residency in another country for a decade or more.

This substitute tax program also includes payment of taxes on real estate, gifts, financial assets outside of Italy, as well as bank accounts and any capital gains tax on shareholdings realised after the fifth year.

4. ITALY ELECTIVE RESIDENCE VISA PROGRRAM: Earn a regular passive income of more than €3,160 per month from annuities, pension, royalties or rental income? You could qualify for Italian residency via the relatively unknown Elective Residence Program – without the need to make a capital investment. Find out more about the program here, or contact us now for more information.

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