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Kawana Bay Grenada by True Blue Development


Featured Grenada CBI Property Investment Opportunities 2020

Looking to obtain Grenada citizenship and /or US residency by investment in 2020? A real estate investment of only $220,000 in Grenada can qualify you, your spouse and two dependent children for fast-track economic citizenship in one of the Caribbean’s top CBI jurisdictions.

Situated overlooking Grande Anse Beach, one of the world’s top beaches as rated by Conde Nast Traveller, Kimpton Kawana Bay is Grenada’s latest 5-star luxury resort. The 146-key resort consists of 101 luxury studios, 45 suites and 12 additional penthouse apartments.

The award-winning project is currently the only CBI project in Grenada offering title-deeded real estate, with investments starting only $220,000.

Find out more about the benefits of Grenada economic citizenship and investing in Kawana Bay Grenada, or contact us now for more information.

Who is the Kawana Bay Developer?2020-05-24T10:22:54+00:00

Kawana Bay is being developed by True Blue Development, a subsidiary of the Tau Capital Group of Companies.

Is Kimpton Kawana Bay a government approved CBI project?2020-05-24T09:58:01+00:00

Yes, the Kawana Bay project is an approved development under the Grenada government’s citizenship by investment program. It is also the only CBI development offering title-deeded units priced as per the program’s requirements.

What are the investment pricing options at Kimpton Kawana Bay?2020-05-24T10:26:04+00:00

As of May 2020, investors can choose from the following investment options:

1. Shared multi owner title-deeded units from only $220,000.

2. Dual owner title-deeded units from only $350,000.

3. Single owner title-deeded units from only $425,000.

Where is Kimpton Kawana Bay situated?2020-05-24T10:00:08+00:00

Kimpton Kawana Bay is situated in Grenada, overlooking the world famous Grand Anse Beach. Its location coordinates are as follows: 12.0213° N, 61.7686° W. To view the location in Google Maps, click here.


Kawana Bay Investment Options 2020


  • Purchase amount: $220K
  • Investor government contribution: $0
  • Developer government contribution: $0
  • Conveyancing: $10,000
  • Due Diligence, Passport Fees & Miscellaneous: $21,274
  • Total cost to investor: $301,274
  • Resellable after 5 years: Yes.
  • Advanced ROI: N/A


  • Purchase amount: $350K
  • Investor government contribution: $50,000
  • Developer government contribution: $50,000
  • Conveyancing: $15,600
  • Due Diligence, Passport Fees & Miscellaneous: $21,274
  • Total cost to investor: $336,874
  • Resellable after 5 years: Yes.
  • Advanced ROI: $50,000


  • Purchase amount: $425K
  • Investor government contribution: $0
  • Developer government contribution: $0
  • Conveyancing: $15,600
  • Due Diligence, Passport Fees & Miscellaneous: $21,274
  • Total cost to investor: $511,874
  • Resellable after 5 years: Yes.
  • Advanced ROI: N/A

Why choose Kawana Bay Grenada

Investing in Kimpton Kawana Bay, Grenada, gives you access to a wealth of second citizenship benefits and a dynamic property investment. Launched in 2020, the resort comprises a mix of luxury studios and suites that can be acquired on a freehold condominium basis. Phase 1 and 2 are already sold out, with only a limited number of Phase 3 units remaining available.

Here are some of the reasons more investors are choosing to invest in Kimpton Kawana Bay to obtain Grenada Citizenship by Investment in 2020:

  • TITLED DEEDED PROPERTIES: Kawana Bay is currently the only government approved CBI project in Grenada to offer tittle-deeded real estate investments.

  • A SECURE INVESTMENT: It is conservatively estimated that investors can expect a return on investment of between 2% and 4% for the total period of their investment (minimum 5 years, as per government regulations). The property can be sold after 5 years, and citizenship status is maintained for life. Secondary purchasers are eligible to apply for Grenada citizenship as well, giving investors a clear exit strategy should they wish to liquidate their investment after 5 years.

  • HASSLE-FREE OWNERSHIP: Kawana Bay investors have no out-of-pocket expenses associated with their property, and in the highly unlikely even that the project were to make a temporary loss, this won’t be the owners’ problem – so there are no downside financial risks in this regard.

  • PEACE OF MIND: Investment funds only become payable once an investor’s application has been pre-approved by the Grenada government, providing added peace of mind during the application process.

  • GOVERNMENT APPROVED INVESTMENT: Kawana Bay Grenada is a government approved CBI development. The resort project was formally approved in 2017.

  • CONNECTED TO THE WORLD: The resort is situated approximately 15 minutes’ drive from Maurice Bishop International Airport, with daily international flights connecting Grenada to most of the world’s key aviation hubs. 

  • LUXURY REDEFINED: All units feature spectacular ocean vistas, and guests enjoy access to an infinity pool, gourmet restaurant, luxury spa, a rooftop lounge and bar, as well as state of the art gymnasium and watersports facilities.

  • GROWING INTERNATIONAL DEMAND: The resort is fast becoming the go-to option in Grenada for the international jet-set. Additionally the country’s tourism sector is showing steady year on year growth, making an investment at Kawana Bay highly attractive as an income generating asset.

  • WORLD CLASS LOCATION: The resort’s picturesque setting, combined with the signature service and acclaimed architectural design that have made the Kimpton group renowned internationally, positions Kawana Bay as one of the best hotels in the Caribbean.

The Grenada CBI program is an excellent choice for larger families.

Why choose Grenada for economic citizenship

  • USA E-2 VISA ELIGIBILITY: The Grenada Citizenship By Investment Program (CBI) is the only Caribbean program offering investors E-2 Visa eligibility and a proven path to residing in the United States, along with your family, on a long term basis.

In a total of 6 months you can obtain Grenada second citizenship and your E-2 Visa, allowing you and your family to legally reside and work in the USA in under 7 months from today.

  • ENHANCED GLOBAL MOBILITY: The Grenada passport offers excellent global mobility, boasting visa-free access (or a visa upon arrival) for over 130 countries around the world, including Ireland, the UK, EU, as well as Turkey, Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and the other Caribbean Commonwealth Nations. Grenada is also the only Caribbean CBI program to offer visa-free access to China.

  • FAST APPLICATION PROCESS: Obtaining Grenada citizenship and passports typically takes 150 days or less, and you can obtain your E-2 Visa for the USA in the following 3 months. In addition, neither the investor nor their dependents need to travel to Grenada at any point during, before or after the application process.

  • NO MINIMUM STAY REQUIREMENTS: The Grenada government does not require economic citizens to spend a minimum number of days in-country, making the Grenada CBI program perfect as a bolt-hole options. 

  • REDUCED UNIVERSITY TUITION FEES: Grenada citizens residing in the country enjoy significant fee reductions for undergraduate degrees at St George’s University.

  • SOURCE BASED INCOME TAXATION: Grenada citizens pay no wealth, gift, capital gains or inheritance taxes.

  • PERFECT FOR LARGE FAMILIES: The main investor can include an unlimited number of eligible family members to their investment citizenship application. In addition to children and parents, even siblings can be added to the primary investor’s application, and Grenada citizenship can be passed on to future generations:

  • ULTIMATE DISCRETION: Unlike many other CBI programs around the world, the Grenada Government will not disclose your citizenship application to any other governments or third parties.

Why choose True Blue Development Grenada

EXPERT HOTEL DEVELOPER: True Blue Development, an affiliate of the Tau Capital Group of Companies, is the luxury hotel developer presently responsible for the Kawana Bay Grenada hotel and its current phased expansions. Tau Capital specialises in internationally development projects, and has a successful track record spanning 20 years and numerous sectors.

The group has been operating successfully since 1997, and are committed to development excellence and sustainable environmental practices.

TRUSTED GOVERNMENT PARTNER: True Blue Developent has a demonstrable record of success in the Caribbean, and is a trusted partner to the Grenada Government’s Citizenship By Investment Unit (CBI).  

More investors seeking Grenada citizenship by property investment choose Kawana Bay, the company’s flagship development, than any other CBI approved project in Grenada.

HIGHLY EXPERIENCED TEAM: True Blue Development boasts a world-class team and best-in-class approach to developing Caribbean luxury hotels. The Grenada CBI is one of the world’s flagship citizenship by investment programs, and True Blue Development is one of the key contributors to the program’s success.


June 2020 Construction Update:

Significant progress was made on the resort construction project in early 2020, but the Covid-19 lockdowns have impacted on progress in recent months as construction had to be halted in accordance with government stipulations. Construction will continue apace as soon as the lockdown restrictions have been lifted.

The Matura building, situated on the Grand Anse beachfront, reached its final level, and the roof slab pouring stage has been completed. The sea wall, pool bar and swimming pool have been cast, and is presently only awaiting the respective final finishes. The core earthworks for the Kiawah building has also been initiated.

The development’s current construction status, effective as of the beginning of June 2020, can be viewed by clicking on the images below:

About Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants

Founded in 1981, Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants is  the globally leading operator of individually designed luxury boutique hotels. The group comprises 78 luxury boutique hotels in 48 cities around the world.

The group’s diverse portfolio includes new hotel developments, of which Kawana is a prime example.

Bay Grenada is a prime example, as well as mixed-use developments and transformed historical buildings. The group covers the entire spectrum of properties, from intimate haves to grand open spaces. All hotels in the group feature a high level of customisation, from their menu designs to architecture and interior decoration styles. Each property reflects and complements its setting, creating a unique experience per property. What the hotels all have in common, however, is the operational management expertise and warm signature service that has made Kimpton one of the leading names in luxury boutique hotels the world over.

The group’s portfolio covers many of the USA’s biggest cities, including Washington, Chicago, San Francisco, Denver and Oregon, to name just a few key locations. The group is presently also busy launching new hotels in Bali, Bangkok, Barcelona, Frankfurt, Paris as well as Tokyo, Sanya and Shangai in China.

The pioneering brand can lay claim to the following accomplishments and industry-firsts:

  • Kimpton Hotels was the first boutique hotel and restaurant operator to launch in the USA.

  • The group pioneered the idea of making hotels into warm, beautiful and livable spaces that resembled a luxury home, rather than the impersonal style that defined many of their competitor’s properties. The “Boutique” hotel idea really caught on internationally, as history can attest to…

  • Employee wellness is a key area of emphasis for the group; Kimpton Hotels has been included in Fortune’s “Top 100 Best Companies to Work” For on numerous occasions.

Secure your family’s future with second citizenship. Contact Kawana Bay Grenada Sales today.           

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