Slovakia Residency By Business Investment 2020

Looking to obtain Slovakian residency by investment in 2020? Discover why Slovakia is showing up on more South African families’ radar for EU immigration, or contact us now for more information.

About the Slovakian Business Residency Program 2020

While Slovakia offers no formal Golden Visa Program or Citizenship By Investment Program as of 2020, the government does encourage foreign investment and the formation of foreign owned business that make a meaningful contribution to the local economy. The country’s migration laws therefore support investment based immigration to Slovakia.

Our proven, step-by-step approach to business establishment, capitalisation and Slovakian residency applications is largely proprietary, however a business investment of no less than €150,000 typically serves as the basis upon which Slovakian residency applications can be made.

For basic companies, the minimum taxes payable per annum is €3,500, with income tax set at 21%.

Why choose Slovakia for EU Business Immigration?

EU MOBILITY: Enjoy visa-free travel across the EU when you obtain Slovakian residency by means of a business investment. Key visa-free EU destinations included Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Portugal and Poland.

EASY EU RESIDENCY: Our proven approach to business formation and capitalisation offers African investors a simple, affordable means of obtaining EU residency in 2020. With minimum capital investments from only €150,000, Slovakian Business Residency is substantially more affordable than any of the other formal Golden Visa Programs in Europe.

EU RESIDENCY FOR YOUR FAMILY: Obtaining Slovakian residency by business formation will enable you to bring your spouse and dependent children along, and for them to obtain residency in due course. Once your spouse has been a temporary resident of Slovakia for 12 months, they’ll become eligible to apply for a work permit as well. Once your family has maintained residency for a period of 5 years, you’ll become eligible to apply for lifelong permanent residency status. Once you’ve achieved Slovakian citizenship status, you’ll become eligible to receive a nominal state subsidy for every child under the age of 21, along with a €250 tax credit per child per annum.

CLEAR PATH TO CITIZENSHIP: Once you’ve held permanent residency status for 8 years, you’ll become eligible to apply for Slovakian Citizenship by naturalisation.

EASE OF DOING BUSINESS: Given its strategic location and stability, Slovakia is an excellent location in which to create an EU satellite office for your business. Slovakia has one of the fastest growing GDPs in the EuroZone, and it is rated as the Number 9 country in the world in terms of adapting to new technologies. Clean technologies, and digital transformation, in particular, are a key focal point for innovation in the country with a view to boost its competitiveness.

 GOVERNMENT INCENTIVES: The Slovakian Government encourages foreign business investment by offering a range of financial aid packages and tax exemptions to support your business during its initial setup and growth phases.

SOPHISTICATED LABOUR MARKET: Slovakia boasts a highly educated population. Over 75% of its citizens hold postgraduate level degrees, making this an excellent choice if your business is involved in technology, data management or back-office processing.

About Slovakia

Officially know as the Slovak Republic, Slovakia is a land-locked country sharing borders with Poland, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria. Given the country’s economic and political stability, it is the EU business immigration destination of choice for a growing number of foreign investors hailing from countries such as South Africa, Nigeria, Russia, China, Malaysia, the Philippines and even further afield.

A 2017 OECD report on the country commented that “…[Slovakia] continues showing robust economic performance, with strong growth backed by a sound financial sector, low public debt and high international competitiveness drawing on large inward investment.”

As of 2018, over 5.6 million people – of whom over 80% are Slovaks – call Slovakia home. The country’s minority populations include Hungarians, Romanians, Czechs, Russians and a smattering of Germans, Poles and Ukrainians.

The Capital, Bratislava, is gaining in popularity among international travellers. By as early as 2017, the country received over 5 million tourists. Approximately 40% of the country is covered with lush forests, with its terrain being predominantly mountainous. In addition, the country boasts a wealth of mountains, caves, castles, ski resorts and world class landscapes.

Slovakia is a high-income advanced economy, with a stable political and economic outlook. The country scores consistently highly in terms of the Human Development Index and its quality of living, press freedom, democratic governance and civil liberties. A market economy is balanced with a comprehensive social security system. In addition, it’s also one of the safest countries in Europe.

The country’s government is a unitary parliamentary republic, and it’s politics have been stable for the past 2 decades.