Spain Golden Visa Programme 2020

Looking for a Plan B in Europe in 2019/2020? The Spanish Golden Visa Programme gives South Africans the ability to obtain EU residency by investment with ease. Find out more about how to apply for Spain Golden Visa, or contact us now for a free consultation.

The Spain Golden Visa Programme at a glance

Situated in Southern Europe, Spain is an internationally sought after travel destination offering residents an enviable lifestyle. The Spanish residency programme has proved ever popular among third country nationals from across the globe. The programme has had one of its best years since inception in 2018, and is now widely considered to be one of the top Golden Visa countries in the EU.

The programme is reported to have raised over €3 billion in investment since inception.

How It Works

The programme was launched in September 2013, and requires third country investors to make an eligible property investment of €500,000 or more, with seeking in-country finance, in order to obtain a Golden Visa valid for 12 months. This permit can subsequently be converted into a 2-year residency permit that can be renewed for up to 5 years, provided that the qualifying property investment is maintained.

After 5 years, visa holders can become eligible to apply for permanent residency, however this carries the requirement of having to live in Spain for no less than half the year (183 days or more). Once permanent residency has been maintained for a full decade, the migrant investor can become eligible to apply for Spanish citizenship.

A key draw card of the programme is that primary visa applicants’ spouses and dependent children can be included in the residency application. The programme also allows immigrant investors to apply for residency rights for adult dependent relatives on the basis of family reunification rights. The Golden Visa is not subject to any minimum stay requirements, making it an ideal Plan B for South African families.

Alternative Investment Options

In addition to buying a 500,000+ property, another investment option is to invest €2 million into Spanish government bonds. You also have the option to invest:

  • €1 million in a qualifying bank deposit

  • €1 million in investment funds into Spain.

  • €1 million in stock or shares of a Spanish company

Why choose Spain for a Golden Visa in 2020?

In addition to the lifestyle perks, obtaining Spanish residency through investment has many strategic benefits:

Freedom of Movement: Spanish residency rights gives you the ability to live, study and travel across 26 Schengen States at will, visa free. 

A Growing Investment: The Spanish property market has been recovering well in recent years, in part due to the success of the Spanish Golden Visa scheme. On average, property prices increased by over 10% during 2018, according to the General Council of Spanish Public Notaries.

The average property investment being made is in excess of €700,000, with Barcelona, The Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol areas proving extremely popular with foreign visitors and investors alike. In locations such as Alicante, contemporary villas with pools can be found from around €550,000. In Barcelona, however, that kind of budget is more likely to buy you an apartment. 

Viable Plan B: The ability to include family members, combined with the ability to obtain a growing real estate investment and do business remotely with South Africa, makes Spain an attractive Golden Visa host country for SA passport holders. Great air route connectivity between cities like Madrid and Barcelona, and Cape Town and Johannesburg, respectively, makes regular business commuting very sustainable as well.

Gateway To Europe: Europe and the world does business in Barcelona, so if you’re seeking to expand your commercial footprint into southern and central Europe, the city is an excellent choice in which to establish your headquarters.

Lifestyle Compatibility: South Africans thrive in Spain – given the country’s excellent cuisine, stunning scenery, air quality, world class beaches and vibrant culture, it is an easy place to feel at home in.

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