Portuguese Golden Visa By Venture Capital Fund Investment

Looking to obtain a Portuguese Golden Visa in 2019, but don’t wish to make a property investment? Discover the benefits of choosing a venture capital investment over real estate, or contact us now for a free consultation.

Why choose The Investment Fund Golden Visa Option?

For various reasons, not every prospective immigrant investor is interested in obtaining a Golden Visa by investing in offshore property. For such investors, an investment in a Portuguese venture capital fund may be a more appealing path to obtaining Portuguese residency, and ultimately, to potential citizenship.

And what makes this investment pathway even more attractive is the investment threshold.

Discover some of the key VC Golden Visa benefits below:

AFFORDABILITY: With investment requirements starting at only €350,000, the Investment Capital or VC based route is more affordable than the traditional property based investment options.

POTENTIAL UPSIDE: While Portuguese real estate grew by over 17%, year on year, the top could be approaching.  In addition, a VC or Investment Fund play could also deliver higher potential yields than property in a market that may well be approaching a plateau.

LOWER COSTS: With no stamp and transfer duties applicable to a Golden Visa VC investment, the total costs associated with your Portuguese Golden Residency is significantly reduced.

TAX EXEMPTION: VC investments are not subject to corporate tax, and if you’re not tax resident in Portugal, there is no withholding tax applicable on payment of funds generated by the fund. If you are tax resident in Portugal, the above holding tax is only 10%. Similarly, capital gains generated by the selling of company shares is taxed at 10%.

CAPITAL POOLING OPTION: Identified a bigger commercial or market opportunity? Combine your investment funds with those of several other investors to make a more substantial investment. As long as the average investment per Golden Visa applicant is €350,000, this can serve as the investment basis upon which you can apply for Portuguese Golden Residency.

ROAD TO CITIZENSHIP: Provided that your permanent residency status has been maintained for a period of 5 years, you should become eligible to apply for Portuguese citizenship.


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